14th Edition International Apparel & Textile Fair at Dubai World Trade Centre 28th, 29th and 30th Nov 2022

The GCC textile industry projects to estimate a CAGR of more than 4% for the period 2022-2027. The UAE and GCC now major in textiles after the oil business.

The business world perceives UAE as the most prospective investment and trade set-up destination. Even members of the WTO appreciated UAE’s open trade policy and transparent economic policies.

The United Arab Emirates ranks third globally in the textile & apparel imports trade and is also the largest in the Middle East. In a short period, each Emirate developed revenue-boosting avenues, be it tourism, business set-up or trade promotion like the upcoming IATF - International Apparel &Textile Fair in Dubai.

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After the 13th edition of the IATF exhibition, the Dubai Trade Centre is set to host the next International Apparel & Textile Fair in Dubai, UAE, in November. The Dubai World Trade Centre lays the stage for global exhibitors to exhibit their products to buyers.

All the top international leading brands, especially from the MENA region, showcase their best laser technology for textiles, bio-based textiles, biodegradable fabric textiles, apparel embroideries, footwear and accessories. The participants include high-profile business experts from the regional and global fashion industry.

The 14th Edition of the International Apparel & Textile fair is the podium for trendy garments, fabrics, handbags, and fashionable accessories.

The 14thIATF Dubai three-day event is scheduled for the 28th, 29th and 30th of November 2022.

IATF Dubai November 2022

The IATF Dubai routines annually and has been consistent for more than a decade. Overseas business aspirants and entrepreneurs experience no hurdles or challenges concerning Dubai or UAE visas.

Due to the relaxed immigration/Travel policies and business opportunities, many countries participated in the previous IATF exhibition in Dubai event, mainly India, Indonesia, Japan, China, Turkey, and other known manufacturing nations. It was a successful "Trade-Only" event appreciated by the offshore participants. They acknowledged the facility arrangements, organised business booths, and the business opportunities IATF Dubai catered under a single roof in the previous event.

The IATF event provides an unparallel opportunity for attendees to showcase and brief their products to the buyers/visitors.

Your visit to UAE will be a bonus trip this time. After attending the IATF exhibition at the Dubai World Centre, you can extend your journey as the UAE Winter Shopping Festival starts next month in December.

world class textile in dubai uae

Industrial Insight

Their business engagement segments include clothing, industrial, and household applications. The textile and apparel are in cotton, jute, silk, synthetics, wool and processed woven & non-woven materials.

The Textile commerce in the GCC estimates a CAGR above 4% for 2022-2027. The United Arab Emirates and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council- Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates) engage extensively in the textile business.

Your visit to the upcoming event in UAE, IATF, will be a fruitful experience if you are looking forward to set-up your business in Dubai. You are bound to learn new things about the company and meet renowned business think tanks as the upcoming IATF event is about the know-how-learn of global commerce.

The textile industry in UAE is booming owing to the liberal economic policies of the government concerning smooth visas process, tax exemptions, infrastructure development, tax exemptions, and incentives. Dubai is a top fashion hub in the United Arab Emirates.

To develop the fashion design industry, Dubai formed a government regulatory body known as the ‘Dubai Design & Fashion Council.’ Its objective is to support and facilitate textile designers/ entrepreneurs with growth opportunities and help get global recognition. The textile designers/ businesses are more from the UAE and MENA regions.

The staunch economy of the UAE gates the market for luxury clothing, making UAE the epicentre of textile and apparel businesses.

It is now a vital textile hub that trades in technical textiles, fabrics, fibres, clothes, outerwear, and home textiles.

The UAE aspire to adopt sustainable textile innovations and league to improve textile manufacturing processes, including eliminating microfibre shedding.  

textile and apparel industry in uae and gcc

How to make it to the 14th upcoming IATF (International Apparel & Textile Fair) Dubai

You will require a UAE visitor visa and hotel for food & accommodation.

Travel, Visa and Hotel

To confirm your presence at the IATF, you need to apply for UAE Visa online and arrange for lodging in Dubai, UAE.

You can apply online for a UAE Visit visa by visiting our website www.instauaevisa.com and following the instructional steps. In case of any inconvenience, reach out to our chat support team or the visa support team.

You can save on transportation if you lodge near Dubai World Trade Centre.

As a curious visitor, you must look for stay options close to the venues to enjoy fully at your convenience.

The available UAE visit visas for Indian Citizens are 14, 30, 60, 90 days, and transit visas.

Types of UAE Visas for Dubai

  • Single Entry 14 days

It suits those Indian visitors who have short trips to Dubai.

It can enjoy the International Apparel & Textile Fair in Dubai and stay up to 14 days. It has 60 days of visa validity.

  • Multiple Entry 14 days

It is for Indian visitors who frequently visit Dubai.

UAE multiple Entry visitor visas of 14 days permit various entries within 14 days and allow a stay of 14 days.

  • Single Entry 30 days

The UAE Single Entry UAE visitor visa is for visitors who travel to Dubai, UAE, on short trips.

This UAE travel visa Allows 30 stays and has 60 days of validity.

  • Multiple Entry 30 days

It is best for Indians who visit UAE every month. It allows permits for a maximum time of 30 days and has 60 days of validity.

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  • Single Entry 60 days

It is the best visit visa for Indian citizens who visit Dubai for less than two months. It has a 60days stay and validity. You can attend the upcoming event in Dubai, the Winter Shopping Festival, which starts in December.

  • Multiple Entry 60 days

The Multiple Entry UAE visa has 60 days validity and stay. It allows visitors with multiple entries within a time slot of 30 days.

  • Single Entry 90 days

This UAE visitor visa type is for long-term UAE visitors.

It allows not more than ninety days stay with sixty days validity.

  • Multiple Entry 90 days

It is one of the best UAE visas for Indian travellers who have multiple halts in the UAE.

It has a visa validity of 60 days along with ninety days stay.

  • Multiple entries within 90 days

The 90 Days UAE Visitor Visa Multiple Entry is the apt recommendation for those visitors who are planning for a long-term stay in UAE with multiple entries.

The 90 Days UAE Visitor Visa (Multiple Entry) has a visa validity of 60 days from the date of issue and limits stay of 90 days.

  • Transit Visa

The UAE transit visa is for those transiting from UAE to another nation. The holders of transit visas have a stay of not more than 96 hours. It has 60 days visa validity valid across the UAE. There are lots of things to do in UAE that freshen up the mood and revive energy.

Benefits you get from attending the IATF in Dubai

  • Online Networking

Businesses flourish with the proper connection as it chains networking spreading business information. The International Apparel & Textile Fair in Dubai scopes sourcing new audiences increasing chances of conversion.

  • Leading Buying Houses

The upcoming exhibition in Dubai is the most preferred business show that brings the leading global business houses under a common roof. You learn about the present market players helpful in providing a better understanding of these leaders’ plans and executed business strategies.

  • Brand Positioning

Suppose you are planning to be of the exhibitors; it’s a beneficial decision. The IATF Dubai is a common platform where global spectators come to know about your business. Your brand gets international exposure.

  • Unanimity

Birds of the same feather flock together.

The IATF Dubai is more of a business exhibition that booths diverse businesses from across the globe. A similar mindset gathers under a single roof, and the business awareness you gain is of expertise level. You learn new trading ways to tap the market.

  • Assess Competitors

Keep your friends close and enemies closer. Face-to-face interaction clues about people’s trait and their business affairs/profession. You can improve your revenue only if you know how to expand your business reach better. Meeting industrial experts and understanding their business strategies helps better ascertain market movements and consumers’ buying preferences. 

The International Apparel & Textile Fair in Dubai is a one-time opportunity that cycles every year, which the business aspirants and entrepreneurs utilise visiting Dubai next month. The UAE Winter Shopping festival is about to start in December, and you can winter shop by grabbing the newest winter clothing and accessories.