28th Edition of the DSF FESTIVAL 2022-2023

The 27'th edition of the Dubai Shopping Festival and Retail Establishment (DFRE) was held last year from December 2020 to January 2021 with a grand opening. It was one revenue-piling retail tourism bonanza event with thousands of visitors and shopping lovers from all over the world, especially from the GCC member nations, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, India, and other countries.

When it's time to resist and beat those winter-shivering breezes, travellers know well that it's time to apply for an online UAE Visa.

You will be stunned to know that even stars and celebs fly to UAE during the Winter shopping festival in Dubai to be the first to pick those trendy winter collections. The world acknowledges the grand shopping malls of the UAE, and each has a uniqueness.

Winter shopping in UAE means adorning yourself with the global top trending warm attires. UAE is the shopping heaven that stores and malls' latest fashion winter outfits. Quality and fashion are what the UAE promises to offshore shoppers.

There is absolutely nothing that you wish for and don't get in the Dubai shopping festival. The United Arab Emirates Tourism and Retail business boom during the festive season, which also revenue benefits associated industries like the hospitality and travel companies.

If you want an out-of-world shopping experience and the best things to shop in Dubai, visit the Winter Shopping Festival in UAE.

The winter shopping malls in UAE for Christmas have unisex trench coats, fleece jackets, winter boots, earmuffs, cardigans, gloves, jeans, or winter appliances, or for New Year's Eve, it's UAE visit visa that you need to apply for.

Let there be Light

December is the time for Santa to sledge across the snowy valley to distribute gifts to the children, and that's an important to-do. Before the coldest night of the month, it's the Christmas carol week that midnights singing the Christ songs.

Whether it's the Santa pulled by the Rudolph reindeer or Carol members singing door-to-door, they need to keep themselves warm as this upcoming winter is forecasted to be a spine-chiller. 

If you are planning to visit, the winter market in Dubai has the best tip-to-toe winter clothes shops and is of quality that, if Eskimos put it on, they would start sweating.

If you have already applied for an online UAE Visa or planning to do so, make sure you visit these shopping malls in UAE to pick shop your winter cardigans, Christmas clothes and decorative lights –

  1. If in Dubai
  • Mall of Emirates
  1. If in Ajman
  • Ajman City Centre
  1. If in Sharjah
  • Safeer Mall
  • Ansar Mall 
  • Mega Mall
  1. If in Abu Dhabi
  • Yas Mall
  1. If in Fujairah
  • Century Mall
  1. If in Umm al-Quwain
  • Mall of UAQ
  1. If in Ras Al Khaimah
  • Manar Mall

Dubai Shopping Festival

dubai shopping festival in winter uae

More green dimensions are there in Dubai apart from the beaches, tall minarets, resorts, museums, water kingdom, safari, and amusement parks. The Dubai Shopping Festival has now become a culture that occasions every year, the one that starts in December this year and stretches till January 2023. DSF seals its event in the Guinness World Records as the longest-running festival in the world.

The DSF (Dubai Shopping Festival) is to start on 15 December 2022 onwards until 29 January 2023.

Inaugural of the Dubai Shopping Festival incepts the bewildering fireworks that sign the start of Dubai's grand winter shopping festival.

The 28th Edition Shopping Festival twinkles the shopping malls in Dubai with countless shoppers flocking the winter collection corners, electronics, and all the luxurious brand counters.

What to shop in Dubai is not the question; it's what not to shop.

To case branded winter outfits, you must have a UAE visit visa for the best shopping in Dubai.

  • Mall of Emirates

One of the great malls that welcomes around 40 million tourists every year, and the count exceeds during the Dubai Shopping Festival. It doors direct access to two 5-star hotels, the Sheraton and the Kempinski Hotel, including -

  • Men's Fashion
  • Women's Fashion
  • Accessories
  • Mother & Baby
  • Kids
  • Home
  • Health & Beauty
  • Jewellery & Watches

Winter Essentials - Knitwear & Jackets - Unisex

  • Boots, Sneakers & Loafers
  • Denim & Trousers
  • Wears – Shapewear, Sleepwear, Active, Beach and Modest wear

In UAE, the cheapest market in Dubai is the street shops that offer the best things within an affordable price range. Dubai has more visitors than any other emirates due to the concentration of more shopping malls and tourist destinations, including the world's tallest infrastructure, the Burj Khalifa. Street shopping in Dubai has all the new winter arrivals you may not find elsewhere.

Ajman Shopping Festival

ajman shopping festival in winter uae

For the chilling winters, Ajman shopping malls have the best fashion brands exclusively dealing in:

  • Wardrobes, Apparel, All Season wares - Unisex
  • Accessories 
  • Handbags
  • Shoes

You are sure to abode this Christmas with the warmest wares from the Ajman Shopping Festival, having shopped from either Grand Centrale Mall, Malls in Ajman, Ajman City Centre, or any shopping malls/shops in Ajmal, UAE. Like the winter market in Dubai, Ajman Shopping Mall in UAE has its spark, which the visitors appreciate, and there is no match for the winter clothing that each mall in Ajman Emirate floors.

  • Ajman City Centre

One of the great malls rich in retail is the Ajman City Centre over 35,000 square metres of the retail facility and records footfall of over 10.5 million tourists annually. It's the centre of mega sales that reasons tourists to visit the shopping festival in Ajman, UAE and grab all the new winter garments.

It has a nine-screened cinema hall, eighty international & local retail brands, fifteen dining outlets and not the least, the Magic Planet entertainment centre. There are no reasons to delay online UAE visa applications.

Sharjah Shopping Venues

sharjah shopping place in winter uae

Dubai is the main emirates where visitors land the most, but other emirates are also at par. Like the Dubai and Ajman retail prospects, Sharjah has its shopping delight in the shopping festival. Almost all the world brands are here in Sharjah, and the feeling is similar to shopping in Dubai.

The Sharjah Shopping Promotion is an ace event organised by the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry that aloud "Back to Shopping" with aims to support the retail sector. It chains participation of the retail outlets and malls across Sharjah, dicing offers with promotional discounts and raffle draws. Visitors are attracted more towards the incentivising mall offers.

If your Winter shopping includes jewellery and Persian cultural artefacts, Sharjah is where you need to head to this shopping festival in UAE. It has the latest fashion outfits for children, teens and parents.

  • Safeer Mall, Ansar Mall and Mega Mall

These are the major shopping hubs in Sharjah, registering millions of global visitors each year for the winter shopping festival. 

The hotels, airlines, and tour & travel companies are already seeing an increase in online UAE visa bookings.

Festive season duals with the onsets of the third quarter in India as travel agencies are experiencing high demand for the application of online UAE visas, including the hospitality industry, which also receives advance room bookings and UAE visa requests. 

You might have to pinch yourself to gulp the fact that the Winter Shopping festival in UAE is about to start, and the first thing you need to do is to apply for an online UAE visit visa.

Abu Dhabi Winter Shopping Season

abu dhabi shopping place winter in uae

UAE is the land of novelties that serve joy to visitors, and Abu Dhabi has some very best malls that extend their sales offers to ensure visitors have a happy shopping experience in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi, the capital city trays around 3500 retail outlets and 20 shopping malls ready to red-carpet the winter shoppers. Visitors confess their great retail experience visiting Abu Dhabi during the Winter Shopping Festival. You need to apply for an online UAE visa to be here.

  • Yas Mall

Abu Dhabi’s Yas Mall hosts international brands in the mid and luxury range attracting calculative shoppers who tender quality for each cent spent.

It’s the ultimate shopping spot that stores Abu Dhabi’s biggest malls and floors world-famous leading brands spread across 400 stores.

Winter Shopping Festival without visiting Abu Dhabi’s shopping malls is incomplete.

Another grand shopping mall in UAE that serves the best wooden interiors that have rare designs and hallmark quality is the World Trade Center Mall in Abu Dhabi.

Fujairah Winter Shopping Festival

fujairah shopping festival winter in uae

Fujairah is the seventh-largest city on the eastern coast of the United Arab Emirates. It landscapes some of the best beaches and magnificent mountains but what attracts the visitors is the benign climatic condition. Fujairah also sparkles in the winter shopping festive season, which you can witness once you shop in any of the malls here.

  • Century Mall Fujairah

If you have mixed interests and wish to have the best of everything, visit the Century Mall at this Fujairah Winter Shopping Festival in UAE, as it is best for winter shopping in UAE.

It’s the one-stop delight destination for theatre lovers as this mart encloses eight cinema halls within 78064 square meters. Hypermarkets and Food corners are the prime attraction. You can find the top branded winter outfits for men, women, and kids across the 130 retail units in the Century Mall.

Umm al-Quwain

umm al quwain shopping festival winter in uae

The Emirate of Umm al-Quwain is situated in the Arabian Gulf and is a land that still preserves the aura of ancient landscapes. It is the second smallest emirate in the UAE but populates with global visitors during the Winter Shopping Festival Season. However, the population has several retail and shopping centres that suffice the shopping needs of the visitors.

  • Mall of UAQ

The UAQ Mall popularise for its retail, dining destination, and entertainment that suit global visitors’ shopping preferences, taste urges, and leisure choices.

The UAQ Mall is known for its Winter Mega Sale; visitors never miss any of them. Tourists’ homes with quality at economical prices.

Visitor’s footfall at the Mall of UAQ during the Winter Shopping Festival in UAE is for thermal wear, quality fabrics, and woollen wear.

Check out the UAQ Mall for the best thermal wear, style, and the latest winter fashion this festive season.

You also get these outlets at the Umm al-Quwain shopping malls -

  • Beauty Salon /Health
  • Electronic / Home Appliances / Mobile Phones
  • Fashion - Children / Ladies / Men
  • Leather Goods
  • Jewellery & Watches
  • Sunglasses & Optics

Ras Al Khaimah Winter Festival Season

ras al khaimah shopping festival place in winter uae

The northernmost emirate of UAE, Ras Al Khaimah, is the priority of tourists from whom vacations are never complete without beach tours and dives. But that does not phase out Ras Al Khaimah emirate's fashion and trending lifestyle. To see the jingling side of Ras Al Khaimah, shop in any shopping mall in the upcoming Ras Al Khaimah Winter Festival Season.

The world credits Ras Al Khaimah for serving and satisfying shoppers, and it is now gaining recognition.

  • Manar Mall

The Manar Mall in Ras Al Khaimah is one of the biggest malls and is known for its hospitality provided by the Mall Service facility management. It has in-house ATMs, free Wi-Fi, baby stroller assistance, baby feeding & changing rooms, a prayer room, shuttle services, and a helpdesk service.

You will see the Retail Shops & Kiosks, Food Courts, Cafes, Restaurants, and Super-market, and shopping at each step is fun here in Manar Mall.

You will find the best makeup brands and winter clothes, including winter accessories, in the UAE Winter shopping festival in Manar Mall.

UAE visit visa assures the best shopping in Dubai. If you have never been to UAE, especially during the Winter Festive season, consider visiting the great nation that hub malls and stores top clothing brands.

It has the best durable home appliances, quality electronic items, home décor, essential commodities, and winter clothes. UAE is the global choice nation that opens its gate to the world to collaborate, diversify and innovate with emirates. You only need to apply for an online UAE Visa.